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Exchange-Traded Funds

ETF Funds combine many of the features of ETFs and mutual funds. The offer investors access to core fixed-income and equity mandates that further diversify traditional mutual fund portfolios. ETF Funds include Smart Beta, an index methodology that employs alternative weighting a security selection criteria, with the goals of outperforming a market-cap-weighted benchmark and reducing portfolio risk. Additionally ETF Funds offer low-volatility equity options, where clients have access to the least volatile 20% of companies within a broader market. This, together with a suite of fixed income strategies including shorter-term bond laddering, high-yield corporate debt, senior loans and long-term government issues makes ETF Funds a solid investment option for our clients. Best of all, ETF Funds have significantly lower Management Fees (MERs) then traditional mutual funds. This gives clients a lower-cost option when making investment decisions.