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About Us

Who We Are

First Capital Financial is a Financial Services firm delivering Wealth and Risk Management products and solutions, through a highly personalized client approach. We are a trusted and proven financial boutique, trading through Worldsource Financial Management Inc. and partnered with the worlds’ leading investment and insurance companies. With over 25 years of experience, we are here to meet the needs of our clients through helping them navigate their way through the complexities of an ever-changing financial world.

What We Do

Our Integrated Financial Program (IFP) brings together all of the elements of a complete wealth plan. We work closely with our clients, their accountants and other professionals to build, preserve and maximize the transfer of their wealth intergenerationally. In partnering with our clients, we combine these in the development of personalized, comprehensive wealth and risk management solutions.

What Makes Us Different


Our approach to building and preserving wealth for clients combines institutional global wealth and risk management products and solutions into each client’s personalized Integrated Financial Program. Risk is defined first, and from there we develop investment solutions that, within these risk parameters, enable clients to reach their full financial potential. Financial security provides peace of mind, and we are fully committed to helping our clients achieve both.