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Around The World In 100 Words - April 2018; Week 17

This week’s Around The World deals with the ever-important topic of Pursuing a Better Investment Experience. The 10 Principles outlined represent the foundation of our wealth management approach and have guided clients through every conceivable economic event over the past 25 years.http://www.fcfcorp.ca/documents/1801190/5474733/Capture55.PNG/4837904f-dac0-440f-acbe-ca3dc9eb0a55?t=1524664165728

Better returns are integral to a better overall client experience -our top commitment to you. Partnering with the best-in-class institutional wealth management companies and constructing optimal portfolios using their best investment funds is how we build and preserve wealth for clients.

I look forward to speaking with each of you in the near term, to discuss the latest addition to our investment lineup -Dimensional, and how it will play a part in your portfolio going forward.