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“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”
- Henry David Thoreau

Wealth Management

Our wealth management approach starts with listening to what our clients are looking to achieve financially speaking, and then developing a strategy to help them meet these goals and objectives. Financial literacy is critical to this approach, and we ensure our clients are informed and are able to make sound investment decisions on every recommendation we make. Next, we implement investment portfolios with low or negatively correlated asset classes. This is the mathematical basis of portfolio diversification and is integral to both minimizing downside market risk, and positioning clients for solid risk-adjusted returns over time.

Our investment thesis can be summarized as “winning by not losing.” We focus on protecting capital through lower risk asset classes including government and investment-grade corporate bond funds. These cornerstone building blocks of our portfolio are then combined with fund comprised of blue chip, dividend-paying Canadian and international equities. As a fully independent financial advisory firm, we have the benefit of being able to offer clients investment funds from any wealth management company in Canada. Only those funds which meet our risk-return criteria are including in our portfolio construction.

Each client’s combination of investments is based specifically on their own individual risk profile. By minimizing risk within our client portfolios, we are able to position our clients to achieve their return potential over the long term, with greater security and peace of mind.