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Wealth and security are closely related and are foundational to a better future.

Our Values

We are accountable and our education-based approach to helping our clients puts integrity and a genuine concern for their well-being first. Our client’s financial journey begins with an understanding of the relationship between money and a life well lived and ends with financial security in retirement.

Our Vision

To create a better client experience, that brings peace of mind.

Our Mission

To help our clients with their money and the peace of mind that comes from that.

Our Story

Money is an integral part of everyday life. Our relationship with it defines who we are and how we live. In our journey towards that goal, the enduring question we have is what comes next? This question is foremost on the minds of today’s business owners and professionals, who share a forward-thinking approach to life and are looking beyond the horizon to the next opportunity.

At First Capital Financial, we understand the importance of our contribution to helping business owners and professionals with their finances and have created a wealth management program called, designed to help our clients chart their financial futures. Withyou receive advice to help calm the waters when unexpected life changes occur.

We are partnered with Worldsource Financial Management Inc., one of Canada’s leading Mutual Fund Dealers whose belief in the value of advice aligns with ours. Let First Capital Financial help you go further in your journey, and with confidence as you chart what’s...in life.

First Capital Financial is a Financial Services firm delivering Wealth and Risk Management products and solutions, through a highly personalized client approach. We are a trusted and proven financial boutique, sponsored through Worldsource Financial Management Inc. and partnered with the worlds’ leading investment and insurance companies. With combined investment experience of over 50 years, we are here to meet the needs of our clients, by helping them navigate their way through the complexities of an ever-changing financial world.

Our approach to building and preserving wealth for clients combines institutional wealth and risk management solutions into each client’s personalized financial program. Financial education is foundational to our approach and ensuring client’s know their money, is our highest priority. Financial security and peace of mind are highly correlated and we are committed to helping our clients achieve both.