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Around the World in 100 Words- April 2020: Week 15

With the CoronaCrisis still dominating the news cycle, my Around the World (ATW) blog has shifted to a Daily Report, to give you current commentary that is meant to be both informative and reassuring.

Until we’re past this -and we will get past this, ATW will have links to each weeks’ Daily Reports. They can be found in the links below.

FCF DAILY UPDATE- April 13th, 2020.pdf

FCF DAILY UPDATE- April 14th, 2020.pdf

FCF DAILY UPDATE- April 15th, 2020.pdf

FCF DAILY UPDATE- April 16th, 2020.pdf

FCF DAILY UPDATE- April 17th, 2020.pdf

Please have a read-through and look forward to any feedback that you have. We’re all in this together and we’ll get this through together!

Stay healthy, stay safe.