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Around The World In 100 Words- December, 2019: Week 50

This month we are featuring articles from each of the large wealth management companies we partner with on your behalf. The idea here is to give you additional insight into why we have chosen these companies as the building blocks of your investment portfolio. This week’s article is in the form of a video by Edgepoint (click here to watch), which takes investors through the past 10 years of investing with them. The message is the importance of staying the course and allowing both capital markets and the institutional expertise of fund managers to build wealth for you for retirement.

 Over the 10 year period to now, equity markets have performed well, yet have also experienced significant short term declines which can test the resolve of investors. The best course of action? Be patient, be diversified and remind yourself when markets sell-off that you are investing for the long term. And long term doesn’t just mean from now until retirement, but all the way through as well. We’re living longer these days as you know, and investment portfolios need a higher equity weighting to achieve long term performance results.

 Best of all, we’re watching your fund managers very closely. We monitor performance on a risk-adjusted basis and meet with the companies on a regular basis to ensure they continue to deliver for you and and all our clients.

 Your financial security is our highest priority and at we approach the holiday season we wish you Happy Investing!