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Around the World in 100 Words January, 2019; Week 2

Around the World in 100 Words 

January, 2019; Week 2


            “Memory is deceptive because it’s coloured by today’s events

            -Albert Einstein

Well it’s week 2 in 2019 and so far -fingers crossed- equity markets have been in a decidedly more upbeat mood. Concerns over rising interest rates, a slowing global economy and a U.S.-China trade war seem to have subsided. For now. Attached is an article from the Globe & Mail for your review and you can read it here. I challenge each of you to try and commit even the basics of it to memory, and I do this for a reason. Think about what the article is saying right now (in the context of the sharp market declines of 2018). Wait a year, and then remember -or try to, what was said in the context of what is happening then.

The point is that every point made in the Globe article will be largely meaningless, because whatever is happening 12 months out will be what’s important. Even if you do remember what was written, how you process the information will be influenced by what has transpired since. 

This is why financial advisors refer to daily headlines as “background noise”. That’s all any article in the media is. The attached video highlights this point and I encourage you to take the 2 minutes and 12 seconds to watch it here as it makes the point that day to day events that seem life and death at the time, are soon forgotten as new events eclipse them.

So tune out the noise and know that your money is in safe hands. That’s something to commit to memory!