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Around The World In 100 Words- January, 2020: Week 3

There’s a saying start the year of with a bang -and indeed this one has. The shot that took out Iran’s top general sent global equity markets gyrating wildly between fear and greed. Yet against this backdrop of political tensions the Dow set an all-time high last week, speaking to the resilience of equities and where we go from here.

But though we know that market calls are impossible to make short term, one long term call that’s sure to be right is Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Also called ESG or Environmental, Social and Governance investing, this is an investment approach that seeks positive returns through companies focused on making positive long-term impacts for our planet. These criteria align with investors who are seeking gains over the long term and who recognize the global shift taking place towards a greener and sustainable future. 

Just as new investment opportunities emerged at the beginning of the 20th century with the development of the combustion engine, so there are here in the 21st with the transition from fossil-fuels to renewable power. The electrification of transportation will be transformative for our planet and provides equity investors the opportunity to capitalize on companies committed to a cleaner, supportable future. 


The Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity fund is one such investment fund offering and focuses on companies in the sectors of Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency, Clean Technology, Water, Sustainable Agriculture, and Transportation. Attached here an overview of the fund in the Fund Facts format. 

Also attached here.is a speech written by my daughter Aleks who makes a compelling argument in favour of the mission-critical priority of safeguarding our planet -and ourselves in the process. Harnessing the capital markets to achieve this is what we believe in here at First Capital and I look forward to speaking with you further in this regard.