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Around The World In 100 Words - March 2018; Week 12

Hidden treasure has a way of stirring the imagination, conjuring up images of hook-handed one-legged pirates, sunken Spanish galleons, Gold Rushes and adventure. So articles about the topic invariably attract interest because the appeal of coming into a great deal of wealth serendipitously, resonates with almost all http://www.fcfcorp.ca/documents/1801190/5474733/Capture123456.png/ad5bc99c-6478-4776-9ce2-1b0dac7f8b2c?t=1521473475425

of us. The attached article from this week’s National Post details the discovery of the gold reserves of the Confederacy in the final days of the US Civil War. http://nationalpost.com/news/world/legend-says-a-load-of-union-gold-went-missing-during-the-civil-war-did-the-fbi-just-find-it As written, “people like to believe there’s something out there”. And the thing is, there is. But not the way the article suggests. Wealth is not something that most people come across by accident and all at once. Rather, wealth is acquired patiently and diligently over long periods of time. It involves systematic savings, compound growth, tax deferral and time. Oh and debtelimination, while all the time living below your means. These time-honoured principles are what will lead individuals to the financial treasure they are seeking.

This patient, methodical approach to building wealth is reflected in the way we managed your money for you. Carefully, well-planned diversified portfolios with a high emphasis on protecting capital are central to our wealth management approach. This ensures you won’t need to stumble across Blackbeard’s Treasure to retire comfortably. Hidden treasure makes for great story telling, but in the real world, financial well-being comes from design, not accident -no eye patch required!


Martin Weiler