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Around The World In 100 Words November, 2018; Week 47

Around The World In 100 Words

November, 2018; Week 47

Well this week has been a roller-coaster, with markets both up and down making everyone a little seasick. All the more timely then to read the attached article from today’s Globe & Mail on how to avoid being your own worst enemy when investing. Basic stuff, but spot-on in terms of accuracy. Particularly the point about making decisions that could affect your long-term financial well being, based on short term factors. Emotions are great when it comes to relationships, but not when investing. Making consistent, rational, and pragmatic decisions that remain true to the end objective is always in your best interest. 

And we’re here to help! Helping you navigate your way across the ocean of investing uncertainty to safe harbour on the other side is what we’re all about. Charting clients’ financial futures has been our unwavering focus over the past 25 years and we follow every one of the points in the G&M article in my investment process.

There’s still 5 weeks to go in the year and the gale force winds will likely continue gusting. But you wont end up overboard. First Capital’s corporate logo is the nautical sextant -used by navigators before the days of GPS to chart their route and stay on it. We chose the sextant for precisely this reason, to remind you that even when it can seem like the good-ship-finance is heading for the rocks, through our steady-at-the-helm discipline we know how to get you back on course.