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Around The World In 100 Words, November, 2019: Week 46

This weeks’ Around The World looks at the history of the central theme of my blog: money. Since it’s invention over twenty five hundred years ago, money has taken on many forms, yet retained its primary purpose as a medium of exchange. Read here.

Superior to barter in its ability to allow people to purchase any good with it, money is the common denominator of commerce. More, it provides the individual an opportunity to store wealth. Think how much easier it is to save using dollars than say holding perishable goods or livestock! 

So whether a countries’ currency is the Dollar, the Pound, the Yen, the Euro or the Renminbi -or on a lighter note the Cost Rican Colon or Vietnamese Dong (snicker, snicker), currency is among humankinds’ greatest inventions. As we move further in the 21st century there will undoubtedly be new and innovative methods of facilitating and accelerating commercial transactions. Perhaps money will be one day be stored in our minds the way we do memories. Recalling the work one did in exchange for payment would be all that is needed to pay for a particular good or service. That’s something to think about.  

 History Class dismissed. Test next Friday!



PS A funny article on the world’s funniest currencies can be found here. Enjoy!