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Around The World In 100 Words- November, 2019:Week 48

Since the launch of my weekly blog Around The World (ATW), I have written about the importance of financial health and well-being. But this week I want to expand that category to include personal health and the integral role that diet and fitness play within this. Having money is great of course, but if you don’t have health, what good is it? Money enhances lifestyle but health is foundational.Click here.

One common reason given for short-changing our personal health is time. We’re too busy, it’s too hard to eat well and exercise regularly -or too easy to scarf down fast food in front of the TV or smart device. Active living is like active investing, and must be dynamic, engaged and consistently followed.

So what can be done? Well, I’ve always believed that success is process driven and a proven approach to health living is through Gazey PT Fitness.

Gazey Fitness is focused on fitness, nutrition, weight management, and the direct connection to emotional health.

They use these principles to guide our clients to success.

Gazey fitness helps clients overcome barriers and reach their fitness goals while at the same time empowering them to take back the reigns of their own life.

They are committed to providing ongoing personalized support, encouragement and motivation in order to see all their clients be successful. They are the experts that I listen to and in following their program I am making a serious investment in my health and well being. And that’s my bit of good advice for this week! Oh, and they can be reached at:

 gazeyfitness.com 1-416-823-3263